October 24, 2016
New jewelry by Brian Bishop and photos by Opal Palmer Adisa

At Crucian Gold, Brian Bishop is showing some exciting new designs this Art Thursday, February 18th from 5-8pm.

His latest work reaches into his roots as a professional diver and sailor.  Brian is featuring new pieces with intricate knot designs with several one of a kind limited edition pieces.

These beautiful jewelry designs have an emphasis on the bold complexity of traditional decorative knot tying. Come check them out at at the Maufe Gallery located inside Crucian Gold.

Opal Palmer Adisa, writer, educator, curator and photographer presents Sample-Sample, a collection of her photos that reflect her interest in people and nature. Her work most recently has been exhibited in Italy and 3 of her photos will be in a show in New York in March. All work is available for sale.


Crucian Gold