March 22, 2017
Art Thursday & Kick-off of Crucian Gold's 40th Anniversary Celebration TONIGHT!

Tonight we begin a year-long celebration a 40-year tradition of fine, handcrafted Crucian jewelry on St. Croix. And, what better night to do it than Christiansted's Art Thursday?

Turkshead Gold Ring

As a fledgling jeweler, in the early 70s, Crucian Gold founder Brian Bishop created his first design, The Flower, with a technique he calls Jig-and-Forge. To make the piece, a single strand of silver or gold is wrapped around a coordinated set of pegs and cold forged on an anvil with a planishing hammer. Tonight we will be showcasing The Flower and his other early designs , including the Turkshead and Butterfly.

Art Thursday in Christiansted

For a small Caribbean island, St. Croix makes a big splash when it comes to supporting the arts. Our art scene is diverse and vibrant – mingling Caribbean and international influences expressed through a delightful mixture of mediums.  Years ago, a well-known gallery owner and fine artist, the late Maria Henle, suggested that the numerous Christiansted establishments and art galleries co-host a monthly event to celebrate and showcase the islands artists. The tradition now known as Art Thursday continues during the 2013-2014 Art Thursday Season. A wide array of galleries and fine jewelry stores, including Crucian Gold, stay open late!

Anais Alicea